Kirsten Myers

Kirsten Myers is a Kansas City native but for the time being, is living off the grid. With an expansive past in digital marketing and advertising, she's recently switched gears as an adventure and lifestyle content creator who travels full time. 

Living an untethered life, Kirsten is a blogger, photographer, workshop leader, smoothie drinker, explorer, and daily hiker. She's also extremely passionate about helping women find the confidence to try new things, make healthy choices, and feel empowered to live their best lives. She's a trusty source for happenings in KC and beyond. 

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To get to know Kirsten a little better, we asked her a few questions.

What's your favorite coffee shop (and drink)? 

Fun fact, I'm actually not a coffee kind of gal. I prefer tea or cold pressed juice as my morning bev of choice. For that reason, I love finding a cozy corner at And of course, I can't resist their protein balls with Nutella. 

If you could live in any Kansas City neighborhood, which one would you choose?

I have a knack for midcentury modern design -- specifically homes built by Donald Drummond. The homes are built in pockets and sprinkled around town. When we lived in Kansas, we were fortunate to own one in Old Leawood. If I could transplant one of those homes anywhere in the city, I would definitely say the Westside. The area has so much character and still has a neighborhood feel with close proximity to downtown. 

Where's your favorite weekend getaway?

My husband and I love to sneak away to The Elms hotel for lunch and a spa day. 

You have a Sunday to yourself. How do you spend it?

Surprisingly, I enjoy working out on Sunday mornings. If I'm not headed out for a long run, Health House, Barre3 and Power Life Yoga are some of my faves. A Sunday well spent, usually kicks off with a post-workout brunch. I'm currently loving Cafe Gratitude and Caffetteria. I'm a huge advocate of self-care so when I have a Sunday to myself I love to unwind with a good book + face mask. Basically just relax and recharge.  

If you could take one Kansas City restaurant/bakery/cafe to a deserted island, which one would you choose?

Hands down Port Fonda. The restaurant has helped me celebrate some of the most memorable moments in my life (when my husband won MLS Cup, our engagement, my 30th ... you get the idea!) When we're in town, it is our go-to spot to meet up with friends, enjoy good eats and have drinks. 

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