Sarah Kucera

Sarah Kucera is founder of Sage, a healing arts center in the Crossroads. She’s a chiropractor, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and budding author — her first book will be published in spring 2019! That’s the making of a busy lady, but she loves her down time which usually involves a Marvel movie and cuddles with her cat.


To get to know Sarah a little better, we asked her a few questions.

What's your favorite coffee shop (and drink)? 

I work and live in the Crossroads and Mildred’s is my neighbor, so it’d be like going against the family if I didn’t list them as a fav. But I have to say that I’m a sucker for MIKC Cafe’s unsweetened oat milk matcha latte!

If you could live in any Kansas City neighborhood, which one would you choose? 

You’re going to have to pull me kicking and screaming out of the Crossroads.  

Where's your favorite weekend getaway? 

NYC. I’m a nature girl, but I love an urban getaway.

You have a Sunday to yourself. Where do you spend it? 

A Sunday to myself is a dream come true. Most of my time would be spent with my cat, Bear, but I might sneak out to go for a bike ride or to catch a movie. 

If you could take one Kansas City restaurant/bakery/cafe with you to a deserted island, which one would you choose? 

You know how they say your body is made up of about 70% water? Mine is made of about 70% Blue Koi. I better take that with me.