10 of Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls, Part 1

Looking for the best walls in KC? The most Insta-worthy? Whether it's for a photoshoot or a backdrop, we have the best murals, painted walls, and interesting facades. Bored of your go-to photo walls? Looking to mix up your normal backdrop? Swing by any of these spots during your next adventure.


1. The Classic Town Topic White Wall

This Crossroads spot is the perfect white-wall photo opportunity, from the old windows to classic Town-Topic Hamburgers sign. This location closes at 2:30, so get there in the morning!

While you're there: treat yourself to a classic Town-Topic breakfast. If you get there too late, Bizz & Weezy Confections will cure your cravings.

1900 W. Baltimore Ave.


2. Modern Lines

Crisp lines, neutral colors - you can't go wrong. 

While you're there: The Rockhill Grille is just a walk away, treat yourself to their great food and atmosphere. 

1800 Grand Blvd.



Kansas City, loud and proud. 

While you're there: If you're into music, step into Josey Records - you won't be disappointed. 

1814 Oak St.


4. Ivy

For your final spot in the Crossroads, check out this sprawling ivy wall: big enough for a solo-shot or a large group.

While you're there: coffee at Thou Mayest or lunch at Grinder's. Or both? Your call. 

500 East 18th St. 


5. Miami Ice

Just one photo doesn't do Miami Ice justice - between this flamingo, the pink wall in the back, pink and blue accents, you're headed for success.

While you're there: is this even a question? Treat yourself to some shaved ice and a casual stroll down 39th Street. If you need any suggestions, check out our guide to 39th!

1624 W. 39th St. 


6. The Star Wall

Fun and funky. You've probably seen photos of this wall a million times, but this wall is perfect for groups. 

While you're there: Succotash is a five-minute drive down the street. Need another brunch recommendation? Check out our guide here.  

711 E. 31st St. 


7. Metallic

If you're not into the stars, check out the silver wall across the street. 

While you're there: You should still grab brunch.

626 E. 31st St. 


8. Mint

Suuuuper fresh - the walls in this neighborhood are some of the best.

While you're there: Sorry, not sorry, that I keep mentioning food. Treat yourself to some tacos or a bite from Speak Sandwiches on the other side of this mint wall. 

1000 W. 25th St.


9. Vintage

Not as fresh as the wall seen above, but lovely as ever.

While you're there: If your visit lands on a first weekend (including Thursday evenings!) check out Urban Mining. Oddly Correct, KC Urban Potters, and Maker Goods are all there as well. Coffee, ceramics, and new pretty writing tools - what more could you want?

23 Westport Rd.


10. THE White Brick Wall

We're SO sure you've seen this before, but if you haven't, check out this what-dreams-are-made-of white brick wall in the River Market.

While you're there: Begin at River Market antiques, stop into Quay, maybe grab a pizza at Il Lazzarone. Your call. (P.S. - River Market weekend guide coming soon!)

410 Delaware St.