Drinking Coffee in Kansas City: Oddly Correct

Not afraid to deny your request for cream and sugar in your coffee, Oddly Correct serves as a gathering place for both in-the-know millennials and coffee savants. With a bit of trust, Oddly Correct will expand your coffee experience into territory you've never imagined. 

What if you'd never tasted the goosberries and champagne mango that predominate this Washed Ethiopian bean and instead could better relate to flavor notes of purple skittles and the honeysuckles of your playground youth? Oddly Correct retains a unique sense of eccentricity in their prime real estate right off of Main Street. Their approach to coffee, although simplistic, has proven to be oddly, well...correct! Famed in the area for serving their coffee with very little compromise, coffee savants and in-the-know millennials alike flock to this location for their fix of impeccably sourced and roasted brews.

Ozzie describes Oddly as "the most influential Kansas City based roaster," praising this roaster and retail space as having cut the path for many, if not all, quality-oriented coffee programs throughout the city. What comes across at first as coffee snobbery is actually a friendly challenge to those uninitiated as to what coffee can be: deliciously complex, nuanced, and ultimately compromised with the addition of cream and sugar.

Ozzie Louis Mendoza is a local coffee expert who was formerly with PT’s Coffee Roasting Co, the nationally acclaimed Topeka-based roaster. PT’s has a Kansas City shop located on Southwest Boulevard in the Crossroads Arts District.

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3940 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111 | www.oddlycorrect.com