Distrikt Biscuit House

Studies show that breakfast is one of, if not the, most important meals of the day. It also just so happens to be my favorite as well! While casually scrolling through my IG, the most glorious breakfast sandwich graced my screen in full HD leaving me both salivating and wanting more. I could almost taste the crunch of the bacon, tenderness of the chicken, and the egg cooked to fluffy perfection all joined by buttery golden goodness. Through a quick hashtag search, I was introduced to the world known as: The Distrikt Biskuit House.

All photos courtesy of the Distrikt Biskuit House.

All photos courtesy of the Distrikt Biskuit House.


Located across from Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums at the Adam’s Mark Hotel (9103 E 39th St), this up and coming local restaurant is making all the right buzz in the KC scene as a premier place to get amazing food! As the name states, they’ve started with their staple biscuit, perfected its recipe, and gone from there. Though The Distrikt Biskuit House may be considered new, Head Chef and owner Guroux Khalifah, who attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in Atlanta, knows food well, having worked in the likes’ of Lidia’s Kitchen and Bristol of Leawood.

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As with most things, I did my research early before arriving. Try something different or stick to what I came for? Whatever it would be, a sandwich was a must. At the hotel, I spotted the restaurant low key in the back of the main hall awaiting my arrival. Upon entering, I was greeted by warm colors, an open space, and friendly staff. The menu displayed prominently across a large back wall was the gateway to the dream on my screen. Playing it off casually, I asked what was most popular and as I suspected…the "Distrikt Biscuit Sandwich” was #1 followed by the runner-up “Steak Biscuit”.

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After much anticipation, the moment finally arrived as the food was brought out. Fresh from the kitchen and piping hot…what was once in my digital realm had made its way into my tangible reality. The smells, the sights….it was time to dig in! With one bite, I was once again in my Happy Place! It was as if everything disappeared except the biscuit and I as the flavors engulfed my senses. Needless to say, the food did not disappoint.

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The variety of their current line-up seems to offer something for everyone; and in comparison to a typical Fast Food Breakfast option, as they continue to refine the recipes and sourcing of ingredients, their prices could potentially adjust to become more competitive as well.

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In our chat, Guroux explained the goal is to continue expansion of the menu to offer more lunch items in relation to their hours of operation. In addition, though the current location is good for a number of reasons: consistent foot traffic from hotel guest and proximity to the stadiums, their long term goal is to have a free standing building of their own one day. Ultimately, chipping away at each task little by little has allowed The Distrikt Biskuit House to make leaps and bounds in the Kansas City restaurant scene. From crafting solid breakfast choices to good customer service, and capturing the eyes of many across social media, they seem to be off to a very good start.

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