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Cheers to the holidays! Cheers to family! 

Cheers to great neighbors and great neighborhoods! 

We’re celebrating because Bash Real Estate

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So if you like to eat out, or have a night on the town, 

rejoice for news of more stories all around.

About donuts and cupcakes, ice cream with friends,

throwing axes, drinking with dogs, all the new trends. 

We’ll be writing the stories that you want to see,

stories about places that fill us with glee. 

Fun profiles and bios, neighborhood dives,

the art and the culture that colors our lives. 

Our writers are on it, they’ll answer the call,

to make a big Kansas City feel cozy and small. 

For that’s the ticket, that’s the trick!

Make a house a home, and make us all a lil nostalgic 

for a city that’s friendly, down to the last part,

the city we love with all of our hearts. 

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Thanks to Bash Real Estate for sponsoring

MIKCexplore and cultivating creativity.