Midtown Magic: Bagels + Coffee

I recently moved & became a Midtown city gal, and with that comes so many new places to explore in this neighborhood of mine. In the coming months, I can’t wait to highlight different areas around my new home with you all, so you can experience them with me too!

Meshuggah Bagels. All photos by Alyssa Broadus

Meshuggah Bagels. All photos by Alyssa Broadus

In this first post, I wanted to share my new favorite walk & stop with you guys. Enter, the Meshuggah Bagels + Downbeat Coffee combo! I kind of figured living by a bagel shop could be trouble, so I made myself a compromise; If I walk, I can bagel to my hearts content. Seems like a fair trade, right?


Meshuggah’s main goal is ‘Bringing New York to Kansas City, One Bagel at a Time,’ which is something I can definitely get behind. With three locations down, (and a fourth to come in the Power & Light area), its safe to say they are well on their way to bringing that mission to life! 


My tried & true combo as of late is the everything bagel, with rosemary & garlic cream cheese. If you’re feeling fancy, I highly recommend adding smoked salmon to the mix!


Across the parking lot you can find a quaint little coffee shop at the top of an old house called Downbeat! This spot is such a gem. Not only can you hang out & listen to records, but you can also shop them too. Downbeat hosts events throughout the month, like 3rd Friday Live Jazz, and their specialty brew of a Cuban latte is SO good! I highly recommend checking them out the next time you’re in the neighborhood.


Here’s to the first edition of many through Midtown! I can’t wait to continue to explore this part of the city with you again next month.