Top 5 Places to Grab a Matcha in KC

My senior year of college, I noticed coffee starting to give me anxiety and brain fog. After my morning cup, I felt on-edge, irritable and somewhat dizzy. No good things. So, I simply decided to quit drinking it and move on to tea. GAME CHANGER.

My first cup of Matcha looked a little like this: 2 cups of hot water, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (healthy fats, duh), 1/3 cup almond milk (dairy-free AF) and 1 teaspoon of cooking-grade Matcha (not the kind that you want for a latte) in a mug, stirred together as best as I could with my college kitchen utensils. All of the coconut oil rose to the top of the mug, the Matcha was clumpy and somewhat brown in color, and the water was cooled down too much by the almond milk so my ‘latte’ was lukewarm. #NICE

I had a lot to learn on this tea journey of mine. Nonetheless, during my first 3 months of morning tea-drinking, I truly noticed a difference in how I felt. Waking up was a much gentler experience, and I felt as if I was easing into each day, instead of diving into the morning hours head first. I felt calmer and more collected.

Matcha madness- all photos courtesy of Rae Ehly. 

Matcha madness- all photos courtesy of Rae Ehly. 

Flash forward to today, and I don’t go one single day without my morning tea – a homemade Matcha latte to be exact. However, I do love going out for a tea or latte once a week; and there are a few shops in Kansas City that I have personally deemed as the TOP places to grab a Matcha. If you’re a green-tea lover, check this out –


Tea Market KC

Tea Market KC.

Tea Market KC.

Nestled in the shops of Brookside’s Crestwood, Tea Market is the perfect place to drop in for a homemade Matcha latte. Tea Market’s owner, Stacie, is a plant-eating, kombucha-brewing, yoga-loving, certified tea specialist and health coach. So, needless to say, she knows her stuff when it comes to Matcha and all things wellness. Ask for the homemade cacao Matcha latte, or a Matcha lemonade. All ingredients used are organic and of highest quality. Stick around and shop the giant wall of loose-leaf teas, or plan to come back on the 1st Saturday of the month for a 2pm Matcha class – where you’ll learn about the benefits of Matcha and try up to 7 different kinds of Matcha drinks!

Located at 329 E 55th St, Kansas City, MO


Pirate’s Bone Coffee

The Morning Side neighborhood of Kansas City lucked out with Pirate’s Bone Coffee entering the strip on 59th street. Owned by a passionate, plant-based coffee lover, the shop offers specialty drinks and vegan, plant-based foods year round. Matcha lattes are made with high-quality ingredients – steamed or iced. Frothy, creamy and decorated with a pretty latte design, your Matcha will be best enjoyed on Pirate’s Bone’s back patio during a warm spring day with a favorite book or friend.

Located at 645 E 59th St, Kansas City, MO


Tea Drops

Tea Drops.

Tea Drops.

If you’re in the mood for a sweeter treat, Tea Drops in Westport makes a great coconut milk Matcha latte that’s just sweet enough. Grab one of their small bites (*cough* Matcha rice crispy treat *cough*) and enjoy their newly renovated space! Tea Drops is a great place to study, or a perfect spot to meet a friend for an afternoon pick-me-up and quick game of checkers. Shop the loose-leaf teas available, or stick around for a second beverage (bubble tea, anyone?).

Located at 4111 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO


Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse

It might not be called a “Matcha” latte, but Mud Pie’s Green Tea latte with house-made almond or coconut milk is fire. Yes, I said house-made: cashew and hemp milk are also made in-house daily. Mud Pie is passionate about bringing high-quality vegan options to KC’s community! Don’t pass up one of the daily bakery items – always fresh, vegan and made with a lot of love. Bring your study or work materials because you’re bound to find a cozy setup too!

Located at 1615 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO


Made In KC Café


I don’t mean to toot Made In KC’s horn…but I also really want to. One of the best Matcha lattes that you’ll find in KC is located at the Made In KC Café downtown. Using local Boozy Botanicals for fun flavor additions, the café’s lavender rose Matcha with oat milk is worth drinking two of. Perfectly sweet and rich! Want to snag a really great photo while you’re there? Utilize the vintage tile floor or marble tables in the back room. Stay around and read a book, too, because the space is often ideal for some you time.

Located at 1114 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO


Not a huge Matcha fan? All of the shops mentioned above offer other beverages to suit your fancy, and most of them have treats or bakery items available to you, too!


Let us know if you have a Matcha favorite in KC that we didn’t feature above. We’re always on the hunt for an awesome tea latte!