New in Town: Whole Foods Market

In the New in Town series, editor Anna Petrow shares spots new to the local scene– from food (of course), to coffee, shopping, and more, the series will provide a glimpse into KC's latest and greatest. 


There's a new grocery store in town– Whole Foods Market KC– and while you've undoubtedly seen the hype, "new" doesn't quite cover it (we all know and love Whole Foods!) and "grocery store" feels like a vast understatement– with 48,000 square feet full of delicious eats and drinks, the megalith market deserves a New in Town tour all it's own: 


First up, a shoutout to all things local: Made in KC loves local, and luckily, so does Whole Foods. Shoppers can expect to find local options available throughout the store– from locally grown flowers and produce, to beverage options. Favorites like Thou Mayest coffee are available at the Allegro Coffee Bar, where you can also order lattes, cappuccinos, nitrobrews, tea and pretty much anything your caffeinated little heart desires. They even have a Kansas City Butcher Shop offering homegrown favorites like Campo Lindo Farms Chickens and Schenker Family Farms beef. Feeling that local love!


Start your trip off or end it right with a stop at The Fountain Room, which serves up 22 different taps of craft beers from favorite like Stockyards Brewing, Torn Label, Cinder Block, and of course, Boulevard. If a cocktail is more your speed, you're in luck– you can actually get craft cocktails made with J Rieger Co. spirits! Best part: you're welcome to sip and stroll while you walk. Sign me up for that. 


Be sure to stop and admire the two story mural by local artist JT Turner, illustrating the rich history of jazz and music in KC– perfect spot for a photo op. And if you're with little ones, the Kid Zone right upstairs is an awesome spot to fit in some family time. 


And yes, of course, it's a grocery store– so you can shop the thousands of organic, unique, and fresh options we've come to know and love from Whole Foods. But- if you're anything like me, cooking might be a hard sell with the on-site eats like Kikka Sushi (flown in fresh daily!) and carry-out options like sweet potato buffalo tots (my #1 dream food, so thank you Whole Foods), delicious handmade pizza, and of course the epic salad bar.


Polish that off with a frozen cheesecake bite, fresh mochi, or a pistachio macaron- my personal fave-and thank me later, friends!