Profile: Easton K

This spring, Easton Koch launched his second collection for his eponymous label, Easton K. The collection features a hybrid of old-world fabrics and silhouettes with more contemporary technical jackets and streetwear influence. Easton is a recent graduate of William Jewell College in Kansas City and began his collection by sewing garments in his dorm room. Since then, he's sourced fabrics from around the world and found manufacturing here in the United States. We caught up with Easton to hear about his design inspiration and to learn more about one of KC's emerging designers. 


What is your background as a designer? Is it specifically in fashion design?

I honestly don't have much of a fashion background.  I went to school to play basketball and through an independent study I taught myself the ins and outs of tech design.  


Photos by Stephen Shireman

Photos by Stephen Shireman


How do you relax after the exhausting nature of creative work?

I don’t find the work to be too exhausting.  It’s honestly relaxing within itself to come home and daydream about future things I’m going to do with the brand.


What people/places/things do you find yourself constantly going back to for inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from my friends.  Other than that music and other brands that I’m influenced by.  



What’s one image, texture, or idea that is on your mood board for this season? 

This water-repellent nylon fabric from Japan we’re using on a couple piece for spring.  It’s like a matte black color and has a really interesting 3M inside to it. It’s a great fabric with some cool texture.  


Name a designer who inspires you. Name one who you think is underrated. 

Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments.  There’s a brand from NYC called Bode. I don't know who the designer is but that brand is underrated in my opinion.  


Do you feel there is a specific piece that is embodies your collection within your upcoming line? Maybe one that you feel most inspired by, or simply your favorite?

Absolutely. We did a fishing vest out of that same nylon fabric I mentioned earlier.  I like that piece a lot because it has the streetwear feel that all my designs begin with but it’s also very functional.  I really like the idea of making functional streetwear going forward.



When designing do you enjoy collaboration or are you more of an independent artist?

I think a solid mixture of both.  It’s important to open up your ideas to others as long as you value their opinion.  I’ve seen that my original ideas usually progress into something slightly better after collaborating.  


If you weren’t in fashion, what other occupation could you see yourself in?

Either something with food or music.  I’d love working with some of the behind the scenes things that comes with being in the music industry.  Like some Brocky Marciano type shit.


Name 3 essentials that you can’t leave home without. 

Headphones.  Headphones. Headphones.  


Current song or album you’ve been listening to, book you're reading, or instagram you're following?

“Veteran” by JPEGMAFIA.  Sustainable Textiles by Kate Fletcher.  And The New Denim Project on Instagram is worth the follow.