East Brookside Guide

As Kansas City’s communities continue bringing residents more and more amazing destinations to shop, drink, and dine at, our neighborhood grids evolve. In Brookside’s case, we now have a wealth of entrepreneurs making Brookside “East” arguably one of the best up and coming districts. Located a mere 6 blocks from historic Brookside West, this east-side corridor is expanding its profile to support some of KC’s best and brightest who are creating new dishes, designs, and digs for our enjoyment!


Heirloom Bakery & Hearth | 401 E 63rd St


Heirloom Bakery & Hearth brings a differentiator to the scene with its familial-framed wall decor, it's earthy foliage and natured-themed walls, and its sophisticated, comfort food cuisine. Heirloom publishes a weekly baking schedule, full of a wild amount of varying pastries, breads, and cookies. Open kitchen, bread counter, coffee bar, and a communal-style cafe, Heirloom honors family recipes in-house and at local stops like Thou Mayest, Goat Hill Coffee, and Made in KC Café. Unassuming and desirably cozy, you're all invited to be a part of Heirloom's KC family! 


Unbakery and Juicery | 634 E 63rd St


Unbakery & Juicery distinctly stands out in the 1960s A-frame and offers up raw and unprocessed goods. Their Instagram page is light and beautiful and makes you want to clean up your health act, and seeing the rainbow of juices, milks, and tonics sitting next to the white and airy foliage-filled cafe gets the positive mental and physical vibes flowing. Most desserts are raw or gluten-free, with many resourcefully made from leftover fruit ingredients or sourced locally. Today’s world of healthy habits has never been more beautiful, accessible, or truly palatable! Get healthy and start “sipping on zen and juice!”


J'adore | 400 E 63rd St


This old world-inspired store, originally founded on a love for vintage French finds, means "I Adore"– a feeling owners Allan and Michael felt when visiting a friend's home in Paris. Today, J'adore is the equivalent of a mini department store that curates warm and inviting home decor, kitchen accessories, entertainment pieces, and greenery to elevate life in your home. Known for their "minis," J’adore brings in miniature plants that make a charming gift or home accessory. Focusing on classic and well-priced goods, J'adore shops for the buyer who loves comfort, textures, florals, colors, and items that can join a time-honored collection. Look for Sally the dog to greet your arrival, and find yourself dreaming of that French countryside B&B on your travel bucket list!


BKS Artisan Ales | 633 E 63rd St #120


BKS Artisan Ales is the newest corner "Cheers," bringing regulars in for locally brewed beer. Creating a laid-back neighborhood establishment that has a strict focus on offering only the highest quality and tastiest beer possible, BKS has a rotating tap list, incorporating flavors like blackberry, maple, coffee, and more. Currently open on Saturdays and Sundays, BKS fills its tasting room and patio with beer loving friends and families, and keeps patrons updated on Instagram with announcements of what’s on tap.  Look for exciting collaborations like their Beer Dinner with Heirloom Bakery & Hearth, coffee profile creations with Oddly Correct, and a future release in partnership with Torn Label! Try the breadth of options, and before you know it, you'll be creating your own real-life sitcom “where everybody knows your name!”

Brookside Poultry | 408 E 63rd St


Brookside Poultry is Brookside East’s new casual eating spot crushing customer demand with their sour cream fried chicken, whole ducklings, savory sides, and sweet pies. Conceptualized by KC Chef Charles D'Ablaing, Brookside Poultry is a family friendly restaurant with an intention of keeping the lunch and dinner menu simple. Devour juicy chicken in the form of fried breasts and thighs, tenders, wings, and salad, or just get your feast on with an entire chicken. Word on the range is that the shrimp and grits come in at a close second, along with steak and fried green tomatoes. Make a meal out of it by adding cheddar potatoes and poached green beans; trust me, you'd be insane not to! Lastly, homemade key lime and chocolate pies complete this delectable down home experience.


Can I Have a Bite | 633 E 63rd St


Cain I Have a Bite is the brainchild of a KC native with a lifelong commitment to protecting the environment and practicing a healthy lifestyle. All while happily eating the things she loves most, owner Kathy opened her eatery as a nod to her daughter who repeatedly asked that question for the delicious foods their family surrounded themselves with. With a 100% organic menu, 100% compostable environment, and recipes that are 100% flavorful and satiating (with a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options), Can I Have a Bite produces fresh entrees, beverages, and detoxes, all made from ingredients intentionally sourced from local MO and KS farmers. You’ll never need to cook again with this fantastically healthy carry out café!


FarmDog Studios | 633 E 63rd St


No doubt you’ve probably either seen, or even own, a hand-painted subway sign that represents KC’s neighborhoods. But did you know that you can customize these to your own home’s coordinates and neighborhood grid? FarmDog’s success took over a brief 4 years ago, so much so that owner Amy’s demand has earned her a permanent home in Made In KC’s new Plaza Marketplace, now making her Brookside East studio a charming home base for private painting parties. Products have expanded beyond just representing Kansas City: creations now include cities coast-to-coast, children’s whimsical images, universities, surnames, and a plethora of inspiration your walls are craving. Pop in to shop Amy’s vibrant collections, or better yet, coordinate with your friends, family, and children on a studio session to leave with your own personalized creations in hand!  


Amina Marie Millinery | 633 E 63rd St


One stroll past Amina Marie Millinery and, even if only for a brief minute in time, you are transported to a sophisticated social affair, feeling like the regal fashionista you’ve always dreamt of being.  Born and raised in Kansas City with an art education, textiles degree, and experiences and accolades associated with some high profile fashion-related empires, Amina Marie Hood designs hats for women around the globe. Her beautifully detailed and stylish hats span the spectrum of elegant events to every day street-chic.  Visit her by-appointment-only atelier, and Amina will craft a couture piece precisely to match and complement your measurements and physical attributes. Her warmth and creative instincts are contagious and stunning, and you’ll forever have a piece that you’ll cherish for decades, and possibly generations, to come!


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