Profile: Stephanie Simkins, SKIN


SKIN is an all-natural skincare line founded by Stephanie Simkins. Every serum, cream, cleanser, and product in her line is hand crafted with pure ingredients that serve a specific healing purpose, that combat even the toughest concerns with sun-damage, dryness, aging and more. Not only are these products good for the skin and body, they will make you feel pampered and restored and leave you with a heavenly scent.

All photos by Kaley Kocinski.

All photos by Kaley Kocinski.


 What is your background?

I studied nutrition, herbalism and holistic health, owned a nutrition company, and an organic catering company.


When did you first become interested in a healthy lifestyle and natural products?

 I have been interested in living a healthy lifestyle as long as I can remember, but during college I really became aware of how it affects the body inside and out.


How did you first develop the concept for Skin?

I was teaching nutrition and many of my clients had health concerns that went past what food alone could do. I believed they needed clean products and a clean environment. I searched for plant-based, organic products for them and had very little luck, so I began formulating them myself. The first products I made were a hand cream and lip balm.

With a background in food, herbalism, and organic plant-based ingredients, I knew how to make products and what ingredients to use. I was intentional in the ingredients and the consistency of the products. I wanted each ingredient to serve a purpose, and I wanted them to be organic.

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What is the development process for new products? Is there a testing phase?

I started with basic everyday products, and whenever I saw a need for a product, or someone requested a need for a product, I would research ingredients and whip it up, like I did with my food recipes.

I would test on friends and family, myself, and anyone willing, to see how they felt about consistency and effectiveness. I would then go through shelf testing phases.


What are some of your favorite powerhouse ingredients to use? How do you get your products to smell so darn good?

There are so many special oils and plant-based ingredients that I have chosen! I love organic oils, algae’s, green tea, essential oils, butters, hydrosols and fruit enzymes.

Smell is very important to me. I make sure the products have pleasant fragrances without using anything synthetic. I believe in mind, body, and spirit, so when the product smells good and we enjoy using the product, it is as important as the effectiveness of the product.


When did you move your shop to Brookside? What are some of the best things about being a part of that neighborhood?

I moved my store to Brookside in May of 2017. It was the best move yet! The neighborhood is supportive and the community is a blessing to get to be a part of. Brookside gets it, they love local!


How do you incorporate natural and sustainable practices into your business?

All my ingredients are organic (when available) and plant based. We recycle and give customers a discount for bringing back their glass containers. We use as little packaging as possible and recycled paper whenever necessary. It is about the ingredients and the product, not about the frilly packaging, we keep it classic and clean (but still cute).


What kind of events and education do you do at the shop?

We collaborate with and support other local businesses as much as possible by doing events in the wellness field, as well as with local artists specializing in hand made.

If you follow us on social media or sign up for our email, you will get invites to our events. They usually fill up fast due to our intimate setting and space.


What skincare advice would you share with readers?

Keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it free of as many synthetic ingredients as you can, and by all means, keep it local! Come by the store and we will help you with a routine that’s right for you.

What has basing your business in Kansas City meant for you?

This is home for me, born and raised. Kansas City embraces local and this means the world to me.


What have been some of the greatest things you’ve learned over the years owning a small business?

You can’t do it all by yourself, so having an amazing right hand person and a good team is key! I have been blessed by both!


 What is your favorite part about what you do?

Getting to create an everyday product that people need, and love, and meeting the people that use them.


Find Skin products at Made in KC shops, or visit SKIN’s shop in the heart of Brookside.