Amy Appleton Dreyer

Amy Appleton Dreyer, known as @stepsofstyle, is a Kansas City-based blogger at stepsofstyle.com, fashion writer, stylist, model and art director. 


To get to know Amy a little better, we asked her a few questions.

What's your favorite coffee shop (and drink)?

Either Broadway Coffee or Unbakery and Juicery. At Broadway, my favorite order is a soy latte with sugar free vanilla. At Unbakery, I go for the Blue Majik. 

If you could live in any Kansas City neighborhood, which one would you choose? 

Brookside. It's central to all of the great Kansas City activities. Plus, we love the farmer's market off of 63rd Street.

You have a Sunday to yourself. Where do you spend it? 

A perfect Sunday is spent at all of my Kansas City favorites. Shopping at Fine Folk and Dear Society, hit up Urban Mining if they're open, and lunch at the new Russell. 

If you could take one Kansas City restaurant/bakery/cafe with you to a deserted island, which one would you choose? 

Definitely Enjoy Pure Foods. That restaurant offers all of my favorite foods and drinks!

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