Jennifer Kraus

Jennifer “Jenn” Marie Kraus is a lover of all things natural health, wellness, and beauty. She currently works in the corporate world, is a Hand & Land Holistic Health Ambassador, a certified Holistic Health Coach and registered Yoga Instructor. She believes in pure, organic living and is intrigued by all things non-toxic.  She thrives to be a promoter of health and happiness, loves Young Living essential oils and is a believer in positivity, miracles and the power of mind, body, spirit.  To connect: contact or reach out on Instagram @krausjennm!


To get to know Jennifer a little better, we asked her a few questions.

What's your favorite coffee shop (and drink)? 

I’m not much of a coffee drinker though I am a lover of delicious waters, organic clean teas and nut milks so my no-brainer vote would be Unbakery and Juicery.  I absolutely love the Rose Water with its replenishing trace minerals/vitamins and the Black Mylk with orange zest and cardamom flavors as well as activated charcoal for its healing principles.

If you could live in any Kansas City neighborhood, which one would you choose? 

This is a toughie for me since I’m fairly new into the community.  I find there is much beauty and grace in many neighborhoods.  If I’m to select one, I’d say Brookside for its
quaint, unique neighborhoods, great farmers market, and the urban, community centered vibes.

Where's your favorite weekend getaway?

My favorite weekend getaway is one that involves a holistic health and wellness spa preferably near mountains and a body of water.  Somewhere with organic cuisine and drinks, and activities such as horse back riding, yoga, hiking, etc…. Somewhere that is active yet relaxing and if dog friendly, I’d be in heaven. :)  Think San Diego, CA. If only Bali was closer!!

You have a Sunday to yourself. How do you spend it?

If I had a Sunday to myself, I’d spend it sleeping in before making myself a cup of tea on my way out the door to church or a yoga class.   Upon getting out of either one, I’d hit Cafe Gratitude for a 100% plant based organic brunch.   My favorites are the Luminous salad, the Healthy juice and I can never leave without a Cool Mint Chip Milkshake. After brunch, I would then take my yoga mat, a good read and my fur baby to Loose Park or Shawnee Mission Park.  Before heading home it’d be the sweetest treat to stop into Hand and Land to check out any of their new natural, healing and harmonizing products. The remainder of my day would be spent food prepping with the organic goodies I picked up at one of the local farmers markets the day before.  I’d also be sure to catch up with friends and family.

If you could take one Kansas City restaurant/bakery/cafe to a deserted island, which one would you choose?

Hands down Unbakery and Juicery!!  Have you been in or seen their menu?!?   Not only are all the products delicious and health conscious, the owner Robin rocks.  She is well-educated, takes pride in the integrity of ingredients, is passionate about health and wellness and is very creative in all of the guilt-free treats/drinks served.

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