A Day in the Life - Personal Wellness Guide to Kansas City

Local Hand & Land shop Owner Jessica Moler and Holistic Health Ambassador Jennifer Kraus walk us through some tried and true methods to build and maintain personal wellness.

Luckily for Kansas City residents and visitors, we’ve got exceptional complimentary products, services, and nature to perfectly support bio-individuality and wellness in the community for all. Here’s our ideal dream day of personal wellness in KC:  


Reawaken, Rehydrate & Ground

Unbakery. Photo by Anna Petrow

Unbakery. Photo by Anna Petrow

A lot is happening physiologically while we are sleeping so our bodies need assistance in the a.m. to reawaken. Before stepping foot out of bed - take a moment to smile, stretch and think, what are you grateful for today? This simple act of retraining our brain shifts us into a place of love instantaneously. It’s essential to rehydrate after a nights rest with a large glass of room temperature or warm water, preferably using a water filter system to remove contaminants and impurities.  This act will help to awaken the body at a cellular level.

There are many techniques to support reawakening but our favorite tried and true method is the traditional East Asian tool called Gua Sha, available in our shop. The stone tool works with the energetic lines in the face to relieve congestion, move lymphatic fluids, reduce acne, relieve headaches, discharge toxins and lift and tighten skin for a luminous complexion.

Warming and sipping your favorite tea, broth or coffee is beneficial for the mind and body as well in many ways. It gently nourishes, helps aid in digestion and is a great holdover until breakfast. Our favorite spot for homemade broths and organic teas is Unbakery & Juicery located in Brookside. Unbakery takes pride in creating health-conscious, nutrient dense food/drink made with love.


Breaking the Fast, Nature & Physical Activity

Happy Gillis. Photo by Anna Petrow

Happy Gillis. Photo by Anna Petrow

Breakfast is a time to break the fast from overnight with immune strengthening and brain-boosting goodness. Most recently, we’ve found ourselves at Happy Gillis. Tucked in the Columbus Park neighborhood in KC, MO this gem is all about supporting the community with their local sourcing, seasonality and delivering food that shines.

After breakfast (mid-morning) is a perfect time for a nature walk through one of Kansas City’s many majestic neighborhoods or parks. First and favorite to mind is Cliff Drive, located in George E. Kessler Park in historic Northeast Kansas City. A few others to walk or drive are: Loose Park, Ward Parkway, Mission Hills, Shawnee Mission Park, Parkville Nature Sanctuary and the Overland Park Arboretum. Don’t forget to grab your favorite playlist, blanket, KC water bottle and/or a good book.

Regardless of how you prefer to move and break a sweat, Kansas City has an assortment of fitness classes available during the noon hour to support a variety of needs. Some of our favorites: Ashtanga Yoga at Maya Yoga, Boutique Style Bar classes at The Bar Method, Health House KC Rowing Studio, and Breathe.Move.Feel. at KALOS.


Relationships, Nourishment & Self-Care

Abbi Miller and Jen Denslow. Photo by Anna Petrow

Abbi Miller and Jen Denslow. Photo by Anna Petrow

Relationships, much like nature, are incredibly influential to our well-being. Meeting friends for lunch at a reliable favorite, such as Cafe Gratitude, is high on our wellness list. Nestled in the heart of the Crossroads, you’ll find this 100% organic, plant-based eatery. You’re guaranteed inspired service, an impeccable selection and an opportunity to express your own gratitude through thought-provoking questions that the server offers the table.

Afternoons are reserved for self-care indulgence.  Our go-to Holistic Health services are: one-on-one time with Health Coach/Yogi Abbi Miller, a customized facial at Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts with Jen Denslow, Mayan Abdominal Massage with Alex Jackson at Centered Spirit, or a Reiki session with Steffany Barton. All will create a unique experience in which you can’t go wrong!


Reconnect, Release and Reflect

Rye on the Plaza. Photo by Anna Petrow 

Rye on the Plaza. Photo by Anna Petrow 

For our evening meal, carry out or dining in at Rye is always a special treat. The Midwestern farm-to-table cuisine offered has a way of providing comfort while upholding the integrity of sustainable ingredients. You can find Rye in Mission Farms and coming soon to The Country Club Plaza. As our day comes to an end, the p.m. is a time for stillness.  

One treasured way to quiet the mind and connect back to self is by taking a guided meditation class. Matt Turner, healer and teacher,  offers regularly scheduled classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings throughout the city.

Winding down at home with a hot salt or crystal charged bath is a guaranteed way to achieve physical, emotional, spiritual release. Deep rest is replenishing for the body/mind and optimal for peak performance. Don’t forget to drop your technology at the door and hit the sack at a decent time.  


As you can see from our dream day of personal wellness in KC, there are plenty of offerings available locally, and wellness comes in many forms. It is imperative to learn your own happiness. Nourishment is not only the food on our plate: it is also our relationships, connection to nature, physical activity and spirituality. Taking care of yourself does not have to be complicated or expensive. The more we care for ourselves, the more present we will show up in the world, resulting in a happier, healthier community.