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Patrick Mulvihill


Patrick is a writer and marketing professional with an affinity for cheap beer and a tastefully plated hot dog – but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy the finer things from time to time. Since 2014, this St. Louis native has called Kansas City home and explored all that it has to offer. From fine-dining to food trucks, First Fridays to fried chicken Sundays, he's always looking for an excuse to get out experience anything and everything that KC has to offer.


To get to know Patrick a little better, we asked him a few questions.

What's your favorite coffee shop (and drink)? 

I love a plain iced coffee from The Wild Way Coffee Camper. Coffee trucks count, right?

If you could live in any Kansas City neighborhood, which one would you choose? 

Brookside – it's eerily similar to Webster Groves, the neighborhood I grew up in.

Where's your favorite weekend getaway? 

St. Louis – I come from a big family, so it's nice to get back to see them and explore new places in my hometown.

You have a Sunday to yourself. How do you spend it?

When in doubt, I love jumping in the car and going for a drive away from the city.  

If you could take one Kansas City restaurant/bakery/cafe to a deserted island, which one would you choose?

If I'm being honest with myself, it's Grinder's. The menu has so much to offer – Philly's, burgers, wings and pizza that all hit the spot. 

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