KC’s Barberhouse with Micah Holdaway

As we the summer months settle in, we can all use some cleaning up top. The impending Midwest humidity warrants a cooler haircut in every sense of the word– so whether you’re looking to upgrade your look or just get your summer 'do, Barberhouse owner Micah Holdaway is your guy.

All photos by Anna Petrow.

All photos by Anna Petrow.

Situated in the recently refurbished basement of a 100-year-old home in South Hyde Park, Barberhouse takes appointments on Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as Monday and Tuesday evenings. These unconventional hours, and the unique studio location, can be attributed to Micah’s other job: taking care of his two daughters.


Micah has completely outfitted his basement into a traditional barbershop that feels equal parts sun-kissed studio and tasteful man cave, accentuated by two antique barber’s chairs that transport you back in time. The Barberhouse basement entrance even has an authentic barber’s pole.


Micah is licensed barber and hairstylist, but calling him a “hair consultant” wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Every appointment begins with an in-depth conversation– after he offers you a local beer or La Croix from the mini-fridge, of course– so he can get to know you and your unique sense of style.


Each appointment begins with an in-depth conversation about your hair. It almost feels as if you’re playing 21 questions– only Micah is the one who ultimately knows the answer. What do you do for a living? What is your morning routine like? What products do you use? Do you frequently wear a hat? You might be trying to change your entire look, or maybe you just want a trim. No matter what, Micah always makes sure that you get the most out of your time in the barber’s chair.


With Micah, it’s not just a haircut, if you don’t want it to be. As he washes and cuts your hair, he’ll eagerly to bestow upon you his seemingly endless cache of random information regarding trichology– that’s the study of the health of hair and scalp for us laypeople– so you can leave Barberhouse both looking great and feeling confident in your ability to maintain your look until your next trim.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because he certainly seems to have all the answers. For example, shampooing your hair daily could be damaging your hair by stripping your scalp of its natural oils. And gone are the days where blow dryers are reserved specifically for women: by blow drying your hair while shaping it with a brush or comb, you can achieve better hold and shine while using less product. After your trim, he expertly styles your hair while explaining how to recreate the look on your own.

Micah has both a seasoned sense of style and an uncanny ability to uncover the right haircut for everyone who enters his barbershop. He works by appointment only, which means that you can expect a uniquely individualized experience. His meticulous attention to detail is complemented by an unbelievably approachable attitude that puts you at ease right away. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better conversationalist, and he’s eager to provide his own creative input without being pushy about your own particular sense of style.


Bonus perk: on your way out, don’t forget to pet Ozzie, an impeccably groomed Goldendoodle who, Micah assured me, gets his hair cut with a different set of clippers than those used on the paying customers.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or if you want to see Micah’s craft with your own eyes, follow @BarberhouseKC on Instagram. Be sure to check out his website for more info.