Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls | Part 2

This past summer, we dropped our list of 10 of Kansas City’s Most Insta-Worthy Walls and are excited to refresh your photo backdrop this wintertime with a selection new walls for you to check out! Need a backdrop for your next photoshoot? A reason to go escape your house this winter and explore your city? Look no further. 


1. Mint and Ivy

You’ve probably driven past this wall a million times without noticing its infinite photo potential. Wonderfully located in the crossroads, this wall brings everything you could’ve ever wanted in an ivy wall into the picture.

While You’re There: Drop by one of our favorite boutiques in the city, Finefolk, right on the other side of this wall. 

122 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO


2. Something Unexpected

Yes, we know - you’ve all been to the Nelson and have probably taken photos against all of the wonderful walls it has to offer. However, have you noticed this one? Find this wonderfully textured wall on the east side of the estate and you’ll be sure leave everyone questioning where you found this wall.

While You’re There: Treat yourself to a walk through our beloved Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (have you checked out these pieces recently?) and a light meal or dessert at Rozzelle Court.

4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO


3. Retro Pink

Pink and retro are two of our favorite adjectives. I mean, what more could you want out of an old-fashioned theatre’s facade? That’s right, nothing.

While You’re There: Well, we aren’t movie critics, but we can definitely tell you to see a movie. What else do you have to do when it’s freezing outside but grab a bucket of popcorn and indulge yourself in the movie you’ve been wanting to see?

7204 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204


4. Color Block in the River Market

You can’t go wrong with black and white. Need a nicely textured wall? Done. Black wall? Check. Want a cool color-blocked look? Double check.

While You’re There: Head up the street to the River Market’s Quay Coffee. You can’t go wrong between their grade-A coffee and pastry selection and their warm, yet industrial, decor. Be sure to stop into River Market Antiques while you’re there, too. It’s hard to find something that you cannot leave without.

413 East 3rd Street, Kansas City, MO


5. Orange!

Need we say more? This orange wall distracts from the *gloomier* aspects of the Kansas City winter, and will be sure to put a smile on your face.

While You’re There: If it’s in the cards, treat yourself to a French meal at Le Fou Frog. If you’re looking for something else, however, a walk through the River Market will never hurt anybody.

400 East 5th Street, Kansas City, MO


6. You're SO Fine.

Need a confidence-booster? Head to Unbakery and Juicery’s newest mural.

While You’re There: during these treat-filled holiday months, we all know that we could use a fresh juice here and there. Or, you know, you could treat yourself to one of their delicious vegan treats. We love their lunch options, check one of our favorites out here.

634 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO 64110


7. Colorfully Urban

This wall screams cool. Between the yellow, geometric blocks on the left and the violet-colored bricks on the right, this is one of our favorite walls up here.

While You’re There: Do yourself a favor and visit this wall on a weekend, but if you’re really dedicated- a first weekend of the month. Shoot here and then drive over to the other end of the Bottoms for some of the greatest antique shopping in the city.

901 Woodswether Road, Kansas City, MO

Here's an updated map of our favorite walls. Enjoy!