Brunch Like You Mean It: 5 Spots Every KC Foodie Should Know

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that eat breakfast, and those that eat brunch. And while it’s possible to cross party lines, Kansas City has placed big bets on the brunch crowd reigning supreme.

So say hello to your new, noon favorites:

All photos by Anna Petrow. 

All photos by Anna Petrow. 

1. Port Fonda

Tucked into the heart of the bar-laden Westport district lies the holy grail of non-traditional brunch eats. But rather than Belgian waffles and biscuits, Port Fonda has traded in the classics for a Latin American take on the great American breakfast. Here you’ll find egg & chorizo-stuffed chimichangas, salsa verde gravies, and fried chicken smothered in roasted jalapeño honey. And if you weren’t already typing in the address after ‘chorizo-stuffed anything’, maybe the make your own Bloody Maria bar on Saturdays & Sundays will get you out of bed.


2. The Farmhouse

If comfort food is more of your thing, don’t pass up this farm-to-table heavyweight located in the river market. While you may get distracted by brunch delicacies like smoked provolone and ham croque madame, or the chicken fried steak and eggs—make no mistake—Farmhouse unofficially operates by the motto, “you are no better than your biscuits & gravy.”

Hint: they don’t disappoint.

3. Happy Gillis

This cozy café serves up a humble brunch menu deserving of big bragging rights from its perch in the Old Italian neighborhood of Columbus Park. And whether it’s devouring the open-face smoked salmon sandwich beneath plate-covered walls, or gorging upon the biscuits and gravy with sausage from the meatologists over at the Local Pig, everyone is sure to leave with food babies galore.

4. Genessee Royale

If Genessee Royale's brunch menu were a relative, it would be your hipster cousin that took a gap year to work at that one 60s diner that never closes. And while you’re sure to find the usual diner suspects like buttermilk biscuits and fresh fruit waffles, those with tighter-fitting pants can still get to work on the red chili braised pork scramble or the avocado toast topped with soft eggs, micro greens and crisped quinoa. Mmmmmm.

5. Succotash

What would a KC brunch list be without this quirky spot in the Dutch Hill neighborhood? Once you stop staring at their peculiar wall furnishings (you’ll just have to see for yourself) and gaze down upon the star-studded menu, you’ll bask in all the brunch greats—from egg and gravy scrambles to stacks on stacks of fruit-packed pancakes. But unlike other spots sporting traditional portion sizes, those daring enough can attempt the SUMO. A brunch burrito consisting of eggs, ham, peppers, home fries & cheddar—all wrapped in a pancake the size of a smart car (it’s big).