A KC Cocktail Perfect for Summer

I have been developing recipes for Kansas City Canning Co. for quite some time now and this Meyer Lemon Lavender Sparkling Cocktail is one for the books! It is the quintessential summer beverage, incorporating floral notes from culinary French lavender buds and a lemonade-esque vibe from the Meyer lemon component of the shrub.

First, we discuss flavor.

If you aren’t familiar with Kansas City Canning Co., go here to find out more, but they are notorious for their unique, flavorful shrubs. Shrubs (aka ‘drinking vinegar’) are sweetened vinegar-based syrups. The one used in this cocktail recipe is sunny and floral with an addictive sweetness that will tempt you to consume it all in one sitting.

These flavors are paired with barrel aged gin, reminiscent of a young whiskey in both flavor and color.

Next up: presentation.

I found this cocktail recipe to be so enjoyable because of how beautiful the end result is. Adorned with a sprinkle of lavender buds and one thin slice of lemon, it is simple but stunning. The bubbly carbonation of my favorite sparkling beverage also adds to the overall ‘wow’ of the cocktail.

It is similar to a champagne punch due to the carbonation from the sparkling water. If you want something light, citrus-based and sweet, this is your cocktail!

Now, without further ado, I present Kansas City Canning Co’s Meyer Lemon Lavender Sparkler.



1 - 2 oz Meyer Lemon Lavender Shrub, chilled
2 oz Barrel Aged Gin, can substitute with light whiskey
2 oz Sparkling Water
Squirt of Fresh Lemon Juice

Thin slices of Lemon

Culinary lavender buds



Mix using a 2-2-2 ratio or 1-2-2 ratio, shrub to alcohol to sparkling water.

Serve garnished with lavender buds and a lemon slice.