Drinking Coffee in Kansas City: Quay Coffee

Quay Coffee, a "destination spot" for many, never fails to impress, thanks to their lofty coffee and pastry standards. 


Quay Coffee, pronounced "Key Coffee," is where Ozzie finds himself on his Saturday morning ritual. His day typically begins at Hong Kong Market, followed by local produce shopping at the farmers market, then a quick stop for Baklava at Habashi House, with a final round of morning indulgence at Quay. 


For sporadic customers, Quay has recently become more accessible, thanks to the new Kansas City street car. Upon arrival, you are greeted with large, welcoming windows. Inside you will find customers engaging in your usual coffee shop activity. You know, locals wearing wide-brimmed hats sipping rare brews. Although generously sized, Quay retains a novel sense of coziness perfect for staying a whole afternoon. Quay never seems to lose its charm with its high-quality, seasonally changing drink specials (say yes to to the iced coffee!) and industrial-meets-neighborhood setting.


Quay's coffee program really represents Midwest roasters unlike any other in town– mixing in "a little Oddly, a little Blueprint and a ridiculous amount of talent" to their coffee repertoire. Their curated selection of coffee never disappoints - not to mention that they consistently maintain a steady stock of pastries, from delectable muffins and donuts to cookies. A bank vault disguised as retail shelving, potentially real animal busts on the wall, and more Apples than Johnny could count has Ozzie certain that this is where "hipsters pray four times a day,"  and a must-visit for anyone willing to set aside their time for a little treat-yo-self. 

Plus– be sure to visit their new location inside the Bloch Building at The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art! It's the perfect spot to fuel up for an afternoon of studying, or a great place to unwind after visiting the many galleries. The shop itself is a work of art, with wallpaper inspired by Keith Haring: 

Quay Coffee in the Nelson Atkins. Photo by Anna Petrow 

Quay Coffee in the Nelson Atkins. Photo by Anna Petrow 



Ozzie Louis Mendoza is a local coffee expert who was formerly with PT’s Coffee Roasting Co, the nationally acclaimed Topeka-based roaster. PT’s has a Kansas City shop located on Southwest Boulevard in the Crossroads Arts District.

412 Delaware St B., Kansas City, MO 64105 | 816.844.7829 | www.quaycoffee.com