Letter from Owner Keith Bradley to Vendors: Made In KC Loves Lead Bank And You Should Too

Lead Bank remains a valuable partner to Made in KC! What makes this ongoing relationship between Lead Bank and Made in KC such a great fit is Lead Bank’s unwavering commitment to Kansas City’s small businesses.  Not only do they offer all that a small business would need and expect when it comes to a banking relationship, but they go above and beyond in both big and small ways. Through their Grow Home Spotlight, Lead Bank showcases a select business each quarter in their lobby, giving added exposure for the business while also attaching a face and story to the business rather than just a number.


Those of you who have interacted with Made in KC for any length of time know that what we value most is the relationships that are formed in and around the maker community. This is also true of the team at Lead Bank. Through Rob, Josh, Melissa, Patrick and the whole Lead Bank team, we have had the opportunity to form new relationships with other creatives and small business owners. These types of connections facilitated by Lead Bank fall directly in line with our values at Made in KC and it is these interactions that make Kansas City’s creative scene such a vibrant community to be a part of.

We love evangelizing about Lead Bank because our core missions around building community are so similar and they’ve proved to be a great partner for our growing company. Lead Bank recognizes the unique needs and attention required to operate a small business.  Whether it is a question about online banking or a suspicious transaction, Lead Bank’s response is personal and immediate. You receive a response and solution in a manner that allows you to return your focus toward what you do best, creating. For us at Made in KC, this means more time dedicated to our makers, customers, and team rather than on banking matters.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about why we’ve switched our banking and why we’re so eager to help connect Lead Bank with more small businesses. And if you’d like an introduction, we’d be more than happy to facilitate.



Keith Bradley