A New Collaboration in the Historic Bauer

In late March, two locally owned businesses joined the pantheon that is the Crossroads Arts District: Foxtrot Supply Co., owned and operated by Ryan Hetu and Jordan Fox, and Dear Society, owned by Maria Casteel and Chanel Jezek. They recently moved in to the The Bauer, a building that has been in our fine city for over a century.  This building, located at 115 W 18th St., prides itself on being a location designated specifically for cultivating creatives, whether it be local artists or small businesses.  

All photos by Emily Bordner. 

All photos by Emily Bordner. 

Maria and Chanel tell the story of their relationship beginning shortly after opening their first shop off Broadway. Jordan wandered in with a cardboard box filled with leather goods and convinced them to add Foxtrot’s handcrafted products to their offerings.  They then decided to collaborate on a design for a women’s wallet exclusive to Dear Society, which they continue to sell. Dear Society debated the idea of opening a bigger shop and including a curated men’s section, wanting to do so with Foxtrot. Initially, they weren’t able to realize their dream together, but a few months later, Foxtrot signed the space at the Bauer and invited Dear Society to join, who jumped at the opportunity to continue their work together and incorporate themselves into the ever growing Crossroads scene.


Foxtrot is in the larger portion of their shared location.  It is a very open, understated, yet welcoming space. Openness is something they intentionally want to push as part of their brand.  


The single most interesting portion of the store, in our humble opinion, is their work table. It stands the height of a standard bar at the forefront of the store, begging you to sidle up and engage.  The goal is to have a space that encourages people to come up, see how their goods are made, and learn about the process.


Foxtrot offers a wide variety of military inspired products. The timeless pieces designed to be as minimal and functional as possible.  Their products include wallets, various bags, hats, watches, dop kits, and their own t-shirts.


Additionally, they carry other brands they haver a personal passion for, like shirts and jeans from Taylor Stitch, handmade vegan soaps from Wild Wash, Candles from Maud Candle Co., and t-shirts from Ugmonk, based out of Pennsylvania.  They plan to expand these options, hoping to make more of their own apparel and offer their own line this fall.


Dear Society is in the smaller, charming and intimate location next door.  Offering a warm aesthetic, the shop evokes a natural vibe with nice earthy textures of raffia and ash wood. It has a similar, yet subtly different feel from their flagship location.  


The goal is a feeling of organic, yet accessible luxury.  They are most excited to be part of the always energetic First Fridays, and be the latest member to join the respected community of the Bauer.


Even for a small space they have numerous products available from a variety of the artisans and designers they curate.  This ranges from hats and other modern apparel, to jewelry, bags, balms and body oils. One of their newest additions is their apothecary from lines like Little Barn.


The two businesses could not complement each other more.  They share a door, and work as a single shopping experience.  This makes it feel like one large store with an assortment of apparel and accessories for both men and women: a spot definitely worth a stop next time you're in the Crossroads.