Midtown Magic: Records + Chinese Food

Little Fixation's Alyssa Broadus takes us along for the ride as she gets to know her new neighborhood, Midtown.  

All photos by Alyssa Broadus

All photos by Alyssa Broadus


In this edition of Midtown Magic, I am SO excited to take you to two of my very favorite places in the area so far! First up, Mills Record Company in Westport at 4045 Broadway Blvd. It truly doesn’t matter if you go when they first open on the weekdays & get the whole shop to yourself, or head down on a busy Saturday; every experience I’ve ever had at Mills is magical. Judy & her staff always offer their help/recommendations.

They’ve got a LOT to choose from, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming in the best way. If you’re like me and don’t mind getting lost in the search for a bit, they have the shop split into different sections to make it easy to track certain things down or browse to your hearts content, (and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to say hello to shop pups Loretta Lynn & Miss Bubbles while you visit!) Mills also has an awesome website that they update frequently to post about new records that come in, and share when they host shows/events. 


The next stop in Midtown is Peking located at 3609 Broadway. A blessing and a curse to live right across the street, this quaint little Chinese restaurant is full of charm & character. Peking has been serving their food in Kansas City for over twenty years, and it’s not hard to see why. My go to order is their Shrimp Lo Mein, (which lasts for at least two meals), and is priced at $8.45! Whether you order carry out or dine in, chances are you’ll be greeted by the shop owner, Heidi, who brings me SO much joy. If you’ve been, then you totally understand why. Full of spunk, you can truly tell that she is passionate about what she does (and sometimes if you’re there at the right time, she sneaks a few egg rolls in your bag on the house). The shop's decor is one of my favorite parts of this space, creating a certain magic from the minute you walk in. If you’re craving Chinese soon, I promise you won’t be disappointed with Peking!

Peking 2.jpg

As always, thank you for coming on this journey with me through this little neighborhood of mine. Until next time, happy exploring friends!