Where to Eat in Kansas City... When You’re Hungover

Food & Wine recently named Kansas City one of America’s most exciting cocktail cities, and boy, do I agree. Whether you’re toasting at Tom’s Town or popping bottles at Ça Va, KC knows how to party. While I definitely encourage you to drink responsibly (come on guys, we’re all adults here), I know some nights can get out of hand and leave you feeling less than your best. So, I bring you my favorite spots to hang while hungover.


1. Corner Restaurant | 4059 Broadway Blvd.

All photos by Grace Pritchett.

All photos by Grace Pritchett.

I’ve been going to the Corner long before I started getting hangovers. Back in the day, it was just the place to get pancakes the size of your face. Now, they boast a menu with a farm-to-table twist, although you’re probably not thinking about where your eggs come from when you’re fork deep in items like Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and the Chorizo Grit Bowl. Of all the restaurants I have on the list, The Corner is the most popular and will likely entail a wait. Luckily, they have coffee for brunch bystanders and you have enough time to decide if you need that croissant cinnamon roll on the side. (You do.)


2. Town Topic | 2021 Broadway Blvd.


Town Topic is great for late nights and early mornings, especially since the Broadway location is open 24/7. And with a breakfast menu more extensive than their burger offerings, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Town Topic. This budget-friendly menu contains everything from french toast to omelettes and a drool-worthy item called the Haystack Sandwich, which features hash browns, eggs, and bacon on Texas toast. Stay and enjoy your meal at the counter, or take it to go so you can shame eat in the comfort of your car, bed, or on the nearest street curb.


3. Unbakery & Juicery | 634 E 63rd St.


Don’t roll your eyes just yet. While I’m all for a hangover cure of bacon and booze, sometimes your body needs something a little better. Reintroduce your body to fruits and vegetables with a trip to Unbakery. Try one of their fresh juices with a yogurt parfait or a wellness shot for that extra *umph* you need to get over your headache. Plus, the calm, clean environment looks so good on Instagram, and no one will be able to tell you haven’t washed your hair.


4. The Brick | 1727 McGee St.


Come for the bottomless biscuits and gravy, stay for the dive bar atmosphere. You can’t spend the whole day in your dark bedroom, but you can spend it at the Brick. Brickfast, their aptly named brunch, lasts until 2PM, which gives you plenty of time for $1 Bloody Marys, all-you-can-eat biscuits and gravy, and a giant cinnamon roll. Venture off the brunch menu for house favorites such as the meatloaf sandwich and the beer-battered deep-fried hot dog. Make your Brickfast plans for Saturday because the Brick is closed on Sundays, probably so the staff can nurse their hangovers.


5. Happy Gillis | 549 Gillis St.


Happy Gillis is a cozy cafe fully prepared to serve your hangover cravings. Choose from their all-day breakfast menu of biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, seasonal toasts, and fresh salads. They also have the best kale salad in town. Yes, I am talking about eating kale salads while hungover. If you’re skeptical then you clearly haven’t had their kale caesar. Hang around Happy Gillis for a few hours and you can head right into your second meal of the day at Columbus Park Ramen, which is truly a healing experience.