Profile: Hand & Land

We sat down with Hand & Land boutique owners Jessica Moler and Nicole Lobdell to talk wellness, product sourcing, and making the switch to green living. 

Photos by Rachel Lauber

Photos by Rachel Lauber

How was Hand & Land born? 

Truly, it was born out of a passion and desire to co-create a place Nicole and I loved going to everyday. We both want access to pure, quality and effective green products that nourish and enrich our lives. I spent a large part of my 20’s overseas studying, working, and traveling. During this time I began to implement and incorporate a more holistic way of living. Because of my experiences I knew the importance of having access to environmentally friendly, toxic free personal care products. It was clear when I moved back to KC that I wanted to continue living a certain lifestyle, and opening my own store allowed that dream to come true. It also allowed Nicole and I to share with others and support them on their journey. One of the richest parts of the work is connecting with people on a daily basis that are open to living a life that supports their whole health. I love the healing and transformation that takes place in someone’s life when they consciously choose to live a life that fully supports all parts of us– mind, body, heart, and soul and our sweet Mother Earth.

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Tell us about your location and why you chose it. 

We are located in Park Place- a charming shopping district with other independently owned boutiques and eateries. We chose this area because it felt right. We have a 400sq ft. space that perfectly houses all our tiny products in our darling store front.

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What's the most fun part about sourcing all of the awesome brands you stock? And the most challenging? 

I really enjoy the hunt, and discovering new brands and products that align with our ethos. We stock a variety of categories ranging from home goods, skin care, hair care, accessories, crystals, bath & body products, pantry items, and apparel.  I love being surrounded by the high vibrations that the crystals and intentional products bring into our space. It’s amazing to connect to the life-force that emanates from all of the botanicals and the mindfulness that goes into manifesting, creating, and formulating each of the items we carry.

The most challenging part is testing new skin care lines that occasionally cause my skin to breakout because my pores are pretty finicky. 

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How has the wellness scene in KC grown since Hand & Land opened? 

There have always been healing circles interwoven throughout KC. Two of my treasured teachers and mentors have been offering services for many years. One is a self-taught herbalist, and the other a medium and intuitive healer. I love that different expressions such as yoga, body work, meditation, energy work, crystal healing, and integrative medicine are becoming popularized and more mainstream. Something has opened up for our city and people are awakening. KC is ready, and Hand & Land is a hub for this transformation and green living.

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For our readers looking to "make the switch" to green based products, where do your recommend starting? 

Making the switch is empowering, and we are here to support your first steps and offer a variety of products that help make this switch easy, educational, and fun. First, take some time to evaluate the products you are currently using. Do you recognize any of the ingredients listed? What type of consumer are you? Is there anywhere you can start to make cut backs? Do you need everything tucked away in your medicine cabinet, bathroom, etc.? Then, find out what makes sense for you. Some people want to jump in head first, clearing everything out and starting from square one. Others find it more feasible to replace one item as they run out. Either way, consumables are easy because we know we are always going to need laundry soap, deodorant, moisturizer and so forth.

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What are some summer products you're most excited to release? 

I’m loving our ethical raffia bags and totes made in Madagascar. They have a simple elegance about them and only get better with age. I am also excited about our different mineral sunscreens that are now available. We try to encourage all of our customers to move towards mineral sunscreens vs. chemical sunscreens to prevent chemical absorption in the body and our eco-systems.


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Where are your favorite places to shop locally in KC? 

Retailers typically share the same business hours, so I don’t get to shop as often as I’d like. When I have a free moment to shop for myself I love a good wander through River Market Antiques. For gifts and home goods I am always able to find something from The General Store, Golden & Pine, or Dear Society.