Kansas City Tour de Doors

From arches and iron to bright colors and time-worn facades, Kansas City’s doorways have a lot to offer! We hunted down some of KC’s most Insta-worthy spots and put together a “Tour de Doors” to help you find the doorway of your dreams. Working with architecture is a great way to add interest and structure to your photographs. To me, doorways serve as the perfect frames for whatever subject you’re shooting. Read on for tips, tricks, and location information on some of our favorite KC doorways!

1. The Nelson | 4525 Oak St. Kansas City, MO 64111

All photos by Emily Bordner

All photos by Emily Bordner

Would this even be a Kansas City guide if we didn’t mention the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art? These incredible doors are ginormous and an amazing statement in any picture. Combined with the equally huge columns there are so many ways to play with perspective, angles, and scale in this space. I’d recommend shooting at this location outside of normal museum hours so you don’t get in the way of museum-goers utilizing the doors as, well, doors.


2. 2016 Main Event Space & Art Gallery | 2016 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64108

2016 Main.jpg

A Crossroads fave, 2016 Main Event Space is an absolutely striking spot along Main Street! I couldn’t bring myself to tone down the level of orange happening in these pictures – they are just so striking! These doors are a perfect summertime shot spot but would be equally beautiful during fall sweater season too.


3. Phillips Fender Guides | 1321 Union Ave. Kansas City, MO 64101

Phillips Fender Guide Co.jpg

You can find almost anything in the West Bottoms including these incredible blue garage doors! I had to use my car as a prop but these doors are perfect with or without an auto accent.


4. Mineral Hall, Kansas City Art Institute | 4340 Oak St.Kansas City, MO 64111

Mineral Hall.jpg

Who knew you didn’t have to go all the way to Middle Earth for a hobbit-house style photo op! The Kansas City Art Institute Admissions Office, Mineral Hall, has the most charming rounded door complete with mosaic tile, etched glass, and the cutest mail slot ever.


5. Unbakery & Juicery | 634 E. 63rd Kansas City MO 64110

Unbakery & Juicery.jpg

A modern vibe more your thing? Unbakery is the place for you. The architecture of the entire building both inside and out is incredible but I was particularly captivated by the mod metalwork around the main doorway.

I hope you enjoyed our Tour de Doors! Did we miss any of your favorite doorways or have you checked out any of the locations mentioned? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!