Coffee Date with Little Fixations: Oddly Correct

It’s almost silly how much a small space like Oddly Correct can hold so many memories, but goodness, it does. The second you walk in, you’re greeted with warmth from plants, some really great aromas, and usually a very friendly hello from behind the counter. I used to be so intimidated by my lack of knowledge for what a decent cup of coffee should be, but the staff is beyond friendly & helpful when it comes to placing your order.

Oddly Correct. Photos by Alyssa Broadus

Oddly Correct. Photos by Alyssa Broadus


The thing I love most about Oddly is their mission to deliver quality to their customers, and purposely roasting small quantities of their speciality, ‘mind-opening’ coffees. Their mission statement is really special, letting you know that they are, ‘An odd and capable crew of coffee zealots bent on kicking ass, being kind & living exotically in Kansas City,’ which is something that hits home with me.

Not only do they focus on making really great coffee, but they want your experience at their shop to be one you remember, and continue to come back for time & time again. The next opportunity you have to treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee, a good read, catching up with a friend, or taking in some self care time for you, I highly recommend heading down to Oddly Correct. You can find them located at 3940 Main Street in KC!


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