Hidden Gems of Waldo

When you spend most of your week frequenting the same few spots, you can forget about how big Kansas City really is— and how many hidden gems there are! If you’re looking to expand your horizons, Waldo is a perfect place to start with its mix of quirky shops, historic restaurants, and plenty of parking spots. The list below covers a few of my favorite places in Waldo that I find to be under-appreciated and completely deserving of your love.

Bobby Baker’s Lounge | 7418 Wornall Rd.


Bobby Baker’s touts a 3.5 star review on Yelp but you don’t go there because you read Yelp reviews. You go to Bobby Baker’s to feel like a regular, even if you’re stopping by for the first time. Enjoy inexpensive drinks and jukebox melodies in this cozy spot all within walking distance of Waldo’s best restaurants.

Classic Cookie | 409 W. Gregory Blvd.


With a name like Classic Cookie, you won’t be disappointed when you walk in the doors. Take a look at their menu and you’ll see why I consider this place a hidden gem. The Classic Cookie cranks out cookies, muffins, and cakes– but did you know they serve breakfast and lunch? Sandwiches, salads, soup, and breakfast all day (I KNOW) cover the menu, and likely cover my next four meals.

Second Best | 328 W 85th St.


Second Best is positioned in an area of town (right by Waldo Thai) that I often forget about when it comes to the Waldo neighborhood– and that’s exactly why they’re in this article. Their coffee may be second best, but their breakfast burritos are first on my list. I chose the Broccoli Quinoa burrito, which I happily enjoyed with my Winter Latte. It’s the perfect place to spend a slow morning with a book or a group of friends.

One More Cup | 7408 Wornall Rd.


This quirky, community-focused coffee shop is the only place in town to get a sprinkle-rimmed drink, and that’s just one reason to visit. The best part about One More Cup (besides the amazing decor and sprinkle lattes) is their selection of homemade baked goods, with vegan and gluten-free options from specialized bakeries in town, along with bagels, sandwiches, and quiche. They’re open til 7PM every day of the week, which gives you no excuse for not being able to stop by.

Waldo Thai | 8431 Wornall Rd.


Opened in mid-2018, Waldo Thai took no time in hitting their stride. Of course, they have years of experience with multiple Thai Place locations around town. You’ll see the Khao Tod Nam Sod pictured, which is a must-try– but my absolute favorite is the Kow Soi Nua. Peep the cocktail menu for excellent craft cocktails with creative names. Get over there ASAP, because Waldo Thai won’t be a hidden gem much longer after their episode airs on the newest podcast in town, Open Belly. (Episodes started airing February 5th so, go listen!)