A Queso Tour of Southwest Boulevard

Southwest Boulevard is rich with history, art, culture and marvelous Latin American food. KC Cheese’s Steph Rupp has done her research and eaten her way through the Boulevard. Here, she shares a few of her favorite queso hotspots. Enjoy!

El Patron | 2905 Southwest Blvd
Queso Fundido

El Patron 1.jpg

Shining bright at the very top of the appetizer menu, El Patron’s Queso Fundido is my go-to order. Served with warm flour tortillas, the Queso Fundido is thick, salty and spicy. Their version is made with a blend of melted Mexican cheeses and topped with chorizo and Pico de Gallo. Out of this tour, El Patron’s queso has the best *cheese pull* by far. Pair this dip with one of their award winning house margaritas and you will be having an adventure!

*Cheese Pull, Noun: The beautiful, stretchy band of melted cheese that appears when pulling apart a cheese dish, such as queso, grilled cheese, pizza, mozzarella sticks, and more.

Margarita’s | 2829 Southwest Blvd
Margarita Dip

Margaritas 1.jpg

Founded in 1985, Margarita’s now has five locations around Kansas City. Margarita’s signature Margarita Dip is described as a “white hot-pepper cheese” and also boasts “secret ingredients”. The dip comes in small, large or on top of your favorite entree. It provides a mild amount of spice and is so luscious that it melts in your mouth. Plus- the tortilla chips at Margarita’s are no joke- they are twice the size of any others on this planet and can hold a BOAT LOAD of cheese. Come during happy hour, get a large Margarita Dip for only $4.00!

Ponak’s | 2856 Southwest Blvd
Chile Con Queso or White Con Queso

Ponaks 2.JPG

Ponak’s is always packed for a reason. Since 1975 they’ve stayed true to their roots with strong margaritas and flavorful food. It’s tough to pick between Ponak’s Chile Con Queso and White Con Queso; both melted bowls of glorious cheese with freshly chopped add-ins. The Chile Con Queso is a robust orange color, made with cheddar cheese, onion, tomato and jalapeños. The White Con Queso is white (as you expect), made with a jalapeño cheese blend, spinach and spices. My recommendation? Get both!

Taqueria Mexico | 910 Southwest Blvd & 3300 Rainbow Blvd
Cheese Dip

Taqueria Mexico 2.jpg

My boyfriend and I make a trip to Taqueria Mexico #4 almost weekly. I constantly crave their large “fish bowl” style margaritas, shrimp tacos, and cheese dip. The thinnest dip of the list, Taqueria Mexico’s Cheese Dip is a white, buttery, melted cheese dip with just a bit of spice. Perfect for topping tacos or spooning up with hot, fresh tortilla chips. Taqueria’s service is speedy - we consistently get our food within minutes after being seated! The cheese dip at Taqueria Mexico is only $3.99, the best deal of the list.

Taqueria Mexico 1.JPG

Though there are many restaurants on Southwest Boulevard that I have yet to tour and enjoy, I hope you have a fun time exploring the queso at these four outstanding establishments! Find more cheesy posts on my blog at kccheeses.com.