Whole30 in KC

I decided to try Whole30 for the first time awhile back, and on the heels of restarting the program again, I wanted to share a few of my favorite dishes I found around Kansas City. It was sometimes a tricky process to find things I could still eat at my favorite places, so I hope that this article brings you a few ideas to make the next 30 days a little easier!

Favorite Breakfast: 


t.Loft Buffalo Scramble & Pomegranate Green Tea — While on Whole30, you eat a LOT of eggs. (So many that you wonder how the heck else you could possibly prepare them yourself). That’s when I would treat myself to this! It’s packed full of chicken, red peppers, and an amazing buffalo sauce. I would pair this with a green tea, (my personal favorite is their pomegranate version), and switch it up with hot & iced. (I know…getting wild on Whole30!)


Favorite Coffee:


On Whole30, you aren’t allowed dairy/added, real or artificial sugar, so I went the easiest route & ordered a lot of iced coffees. Even though this list could go on forever, (Thank you Kansas City for having an amazing coffee selection), the one I kept going back to was from Monarch. There was always this wonderful froth on top, and hit the spot every single time. Plus, the interior is beautiful & distracted me from thinking too much about not being able to order any pastries.


Favorite Lunch Salads: (I ate a LOT of salads on Whole30)..


Mildred’s Cobb — I am a long time fan of Mildred’s, and was heartbroken knowing I had to go without their breakfast sandwich for 30 long days. Thankfully, they have an amazing cobb salad with a light handmade vinaigrette that is packed with avocado, chicken, and a hard boiled egg. I get this salad all the time!


Westside Local Steak Salad — Do I have some words about this salad! While I did have to order it minus the cheese for the program, (talk about dedication!), this is the heartiest salad I’ve had in a long time. Not something I could treat myself to all the time, but I highly recommend trying it at some point in your Whole30 journey!


Unbakery & Juicery Avocado Hemp & Coconut Bacon Salad — I love the portion & variety of these salads, and they are constantly coming up with new recipes in house that I never get tired of coming here! Unbakery salads can now also be found at Monarch & Post Coffee, which made it really convenient to grab on lunch.


Favorite Dinner: 


Blue Bird Bistro Salmon — I still dream about this dish! Even though traditionally this is served with rice & veggies, they will gladly let you substitute the rice for more greens or potatoes. This is one of my favorite spots to come to, and it always felt like a treat coming during Whole30 & knowing I was still following the program.



Favorite Appetizer:


RND Corner Grille — I know this spot is in Lawrence, but when I went for the first time I was on Whole30 and these crab cakes may have saved my life / made me feel like I could survive the rest of the program. They are pan seared & very filling, and now I can’t go to Lawrence without stopping in to order these with a Sazerac. 



There you have it, my favorite Whole30 approved meals throughout KC! As someone who has been through the program, I will honestly say that it is so worth it. Is it also insanely hard & makes you question why the heck you’re doing it about 100 times? Absolutely. Still, it made me feel the best I have in a long time, and helped me cut out things that I didn’t need. I know this program isn’t for everyone, but if you decide to try it & have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Best of luck, guys!