Hidden Foodie Gems of the Crossroads

With the amazing variety of restaurants in the Crossroads, it’s funny to think you could have missed one or two. But that’s why I’m here! Just for you guys, I sought out what I consider to be the hidden gems of the Crossroads area. Whether new, old, or you can never quite remember where it is, these restaurants are worth a double-take.

Baramee Thai Bistro | 1810 Baltimore Ave.


Baramee Thai Bistro recently opened in the Crossroads (taking over the former Pizzabella space—you know the spot) to put themselves closer to their vegetable vendors and we thank them for that. Along with fresh veggies, you’ll find a menu full of warming curries, saucy noodles, crispy stir fry dishes, and spicy Thai-inspired appetizers. The menu is so amazing that it would be an insult to just order the Pad Thai. Plus, their Thai Iced Tea tastes like ice cream so, what’s not to like?

Songbird Cafe | 1529 Grand Blvd.


Songbird Cafe is what happens when healthy meets comfort. Like their triple grilled cheese sandwich paired with fresh tomato basil soup. Or their dairy-free vanilla shakes. OR the homemade marbled cheesecake that is secretly vegan. Songbird gives you exactly what you’re craving, just in healthy and organic ways. You’ll find juices and smoothies cozied up with sandwiches and salads and diet-friendly options everywhere you turn.

Kobi Q | 1531 Grand Blvd.


The quickest and most preferred way to get Korean BBQ into your life is probably by using a fork, but you can also stop by Kobi Q. Their “Korean comfort food” menu covers all your cozy dish basics: brothy, crispy, sweet, spicy, and cheesy. You won’t regret ordering anything that involves their crispy Korean BBQ but if you want to explore the menu, be sure to get the bibimbap.

Howard’s Grocery | 1708 Oak St.


We love a restaurant with a locally-sourced menu, especially when it features fresh sandwiches and crispy french fries (how many times have I used the word crispy in this article? what can I say, we like things crispy around here). Howard’s does just that with their grocery/cafe hybrid, sourcing local produce for their menu items and selling it alongside salsas, sauces, and dry goods. So you can purchase your locally-made ketchup (which is amazing, by the way) and eat it too.