Your Guide to Boulevardia 2019


For six years now, June has brought something beautiful to the Kansas City area: Boulevardia. Between beer, food, music, and beer, you won’t have a hard time finding something to do. But if you need a little direction, I’ve put together a small (read: extensive) itinerary for Boulevardia 2019. Read more for all the best parts of Boulevardia with some hot tips along the way. Cheers!

Friday, June 14th

Photos by Matt Meier

Photos by Matt Meier

12PM: Start hydrating. No, really. This isn’t your college case race but it is an outdoor festival full of delicious beer. Start drinking water early and often before you make your way to the Boulevardia fairgrounds.

Hot tip: Bring an empty reusable water bottle to refill at the designated water stations.

4PM: Fairgrounds open! Boulevardia 2019 begins and you get to be there to experience it.

4:15PM: Grab a beer! Or a wine, a Fling, a beer-cocktail, etc. If you’re feeling adventurous, head straight for the famous Ferris wheel. The line for that ride fills up fast and you want to get a good selfie before the crowd forms.

4:40PM: The music portion of Boulevardia begins! Besides being a wonderful beer festival, Boulevardia also features local and national music acts. There are plenty of chances to see your favorites or discover new artists with three music stages in the festival fairgrounds.

5PM: Start scoping out the food scene. Go wild with the variety of food trucks and stands at the festival.

Hot tip: Grab tickets to the Saturday Father’s Day Beer & BBQ Brunch. Your hangover will thank you.  


6PM: You’ve been in party nation for a few hours now so you’ve probably found your favorite bathroom and your favorite bartender but take this time to see what else Boulevardia has to offer. Stop by Vineborough for some quiet wine time, hop over to the Cellar for “an artisanal beer experience”, or take a stroll through Makers Market to see what the Kansas City makers and shakers can do.

Hot tip: Hy-Vee Arena will be open to Boulevardia citizens so take advantage of indoor bathrooms and $5 beer!

7PM: Secure your next drink and head to the Silent Disco. Be sure to check the DJ schedule so you don’t miss your favorite jams.  

8:30PM: You’ve hit a pivotal point in the night. The musical acts are coming to an end and you’ve had beer all day. Grab a late night snack and some water before you groove along to Young the Giant on the Boulevardia Main Stage

9:30PM: Enjoy the musical acts and start planning your escape route.

Hot tip: Call the uber early. Head to the designated pick-up location and get ready for Day Two!

Saturday, June 15th


11AM: Fairgrounds open! How’s that hangover?

11AM: Father’s Day Beer & BBQ Brunch opens. If you bought tickets then you have access to a BBQ-inspired brunch as well as unlimited beverages, including beer!

11:30AM: Chilllllll. You are here for much longer today. (Or you’re sleeping in, lucky.) Find a shade tent close to the music and get some quality people watching in.

12PM: Remember that tomorrow is Father’s Day and pop over to the Makers Market for a last look. Grab a souvenir for yourself because you deserve it.


1PM: Seek out that BLVDIA sign for a photo op. It is highly necessary to the Boulevardia experience.

2PM: Bevvy time? Grab a beer from one of ten bars, including the Cellar. If you’re leaning a little away from beer, grab a beer-infused cocktail from the Beer Cocktail bar or sip some wine in Vineborough.

Hot tip: In addition to wine, cider will be available as a gluten-free option.

4PM: Taps & Tastes in Hale Arena. Take a break from the heat to enjoy beer and bites in an air-conditioned paradise. Take a ride on the mechanical bull or meet some of the people behind your favorite beers.

Hot tip: Taps & Tastes features 60+ brewers from around the world. Take the chance to try a beer you wouldn’t normally get in Kansas City.

5PM: If you haven’t had enough food, you can grab tickets to the Voltaire Beer Dinner with Crane Brewing & Boulevard Beer. Enjoy a three-course dinner with special pairings from Boulevard and Crane. With menu items like Thai Marinated Pork Tenderloin and Strawberry Sorbet, you don’t want to miss those beer selections.

5:50PM: If you have not heard of the Greeting Committee or seen them perform, I can’t think of a better place for you to be. See these Overland Park natives perform on the Boulevardia Main Stage and be prepared to marvel at everything they do.


7PM: Three words: DJ JAZZY JEFF. That’s it, that’s the itinerary item.

Hot tip: If you’re looking for some time away from the big stage, Emily Katz is DJing all her fave emo night hits at the Silent Disco.

9:30PM: Dashboard Confessional. As a former (and current?) emo kid, I will not be missing this musical act. Dashboard Confessional is closing out Boulevardia 2019 so grab your final beer of the night and party on with the rest of Boulevardia nation. See you next year!