LA Health Studio Comes to KC


Contributor Madeline Simonds shares her experience at Sweatheory and sits down with owner Brandon Presley to learn more about the health benefits and philosophy of this health and wellness studio.

Hello all! Allow me to introduce you to one of the newest and hippest health studios in KC: Sweatheory. Sweatheory is located in the heart of the Crossroads at 170 E. 19th Street. It is an all-in-one studio that specializes in infrared saunas, yoga, and fitness classes. As KC owner Brandon Presley says, “Walk in with a bad state of mind, and in an hour, leave feeling better.” Come along with me as I experience Sweat Theory for myself and chat with Presley to learn what makes this studio unique!

Photos by Madeline Simonds

Photos by Madeline Simonds


I could tell this was going to be an awesome experience as soon as I walked in the door. The zen atmosphere of cedar wood, plants, and calm lighting was right up my alley.

For my first time, I tried the 60-minute sauna session. I walked into my private room, got comfy in my provided robe, and stepped into my sauna. I then connected to the sauna’s personal bluetooth. This feature I loved! It may seem simple, but being able to jam out to my own music as loud as I want, without headphones, makes the experience feel so much more personal. Next time I’m excited to bring my iPad and catch up on some Netflix!


Another feature I enjoyed was the light therapy. Each light setting that you can change with your remote offers its own unique health benefits. I used red for most of my session, which is said to help with your skin by increasing collagen production, among other health benefits.

The room also includes a bottle of alkaline water, which I easily finished by the end of my session.

I stayed in the sauna for about 50 minutes. At that time, I was sweaty from head to toe and got in my personal shower to rinse off all the toxins I had just sweat out.

Upon leaving, I had one of the mineral shots they offer, and left feeling wonderful!


During my 50 minutes of sitting in the sauna, I burned over 300 calories! I couldn’t believe I could burn that much in that amount of time from just from sitting there. Beyond the calorie burn, there was so much more to this experience. I got the ultimate feeling of “self-care”. It’s an hour totally to yourself, for yourself. Whether you’re using the time to listen to a podcast or to meditate, it was a great feeling to just unwind. My other favorite part was the incredible feeling afterward! I felt refreshed, detoxify and was full of positive energy!


After this experience, I had to learn more. I sat down with owner Brandon Presley to discover why he opened the studio in KC, their unique offerings, and the health benefits.

What makes Sweatheory unique?

Mainly, everything is infrared. It’s also unique in the sense that the saunas are designed for individual use, allowing for privacy. You can even book a “social sweat,” where you bring a friend. It can make for a unique date night. We also offer vitamins IV’s and shots.

Why did you want to bring Sweatheory to KC?

Kansas City didn’t have a dedicated infrared or sauna studio. When I went to the LA location, the atmosphere and experience was great. On top of that, I loved the community. There were people hanging out, working, trying and learning things. I wanted to bring that atmosphere to the Crossroads.


What’s special about infrared?

In most hot yoga studios, the room is heated by hot air. Infrared heats your body. The waves penetrate the skin for a deeper sweat and detox. It can also increase metabolism, promote weight loss, help skin complexion, and improve sleep.

What else is offered besides the sauna sessions?

We also offer yoga classes, both group and private. And coming soon we will have pilates and TRX classes available. The fitness room is also heated by infrared, lined in Canadian cedar, and features a beautiful six-foot pink Himalayan salt wall. This installment not only purifies the air but involves light therapy. We also have great instructors!

Visit Sweatheory at:

170 E. 19th Street
Kansas City, MO