Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls | Part 3

Looking for the best walls in KC? The most Insta-worthy? Whether it's for a photoshoot or a backdrop, Kansas City has the best murals, painted walls, and interesting facades. Bored of your go-to photo walls? Looking to mix up your normal backdrop? Swing by any of these spots during your next adventure, and be sure to check out our first and second parts of this story as well. 

1. The Maker Mural | 2601 Madison Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 


If you haven't seen our Made in KC mural on Instagram or in this story, you're in luck. The sprawling mural, highlighting 6 of the city's most prominent makers, can be seen from I-35. Made in KC concepted and created the mural in order to showcase a few of Kansas City's best makers and businesses and the wonderful artists the company works with! This mural can be photographed as a whole or panel by panel— either way, you're bound to have a bright, exciting, and fresh mural in your shot. 

While you're there: Just a short drive away is the beloved Westside neighborhood, home of some of Kansas City's cutest restaurants and shops. For a list of recommendations, be sure to check out our Westside Weekend Series.

2. Bright Blue | 1828 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri


As far as we're concerned, this royal blue facade in the heart of the Crossroads in a Main Street staple. You'll also be happy to know there is a crisp white brick wall and a black brick wall surrounding this wall. It's a win-win situation. 

While you're there: You'll find some of Kansas City's coolest restaurants and shops, as well as a street car stop, within walking distance of this wall. Check a ride on the street car off of your Kansas City bucket list

3. Bright Shapes | Off of W 19th Terrace in the Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri


You never know what you're going to get in the Crossroads, and this is a fun addition to the neighborhood's walls. Between the bright colors, fun shapes, and change in textures, this wall will make any photo exciting. 

While you're there: take a walk down to Town Topic. Burgers, anyone?

4. The New "Kansas City I'm So In Love" | 200 E. 20th Street, Kansas City, Missouri


We're certain that you've seen the "Kansas City I'm So in Love" mural around, and everyone was confused when it disappeared. No worries: it's been relocated to the Imagine That! building, and looks even better with a fun word-bubble style. (Bonus: the grey wall could be your perfect backdrop as well). 

While you're there: We recommend that you schedule this stop around a dinner reservation at one of these favorites

5. Block Letters | 1708 Campbell Street, Kansas City, Missouri


Many interesting walls can be found in the East Crossroads, and this is definitely one of them. Play around with the distressed red paint job and cropping your shot, and we're confident you'll have a unique photo that'll have people asking you where to find this wall. 

While you're there: it shouldn't go unnoticed that this is the facade for Studios.Gallery. Immerse yourself in local art, and perhaps stop afterward at Torn Label Brewing Co. right next to it afterward. 

6. "i love you like a summer night" | Behind Messenger Coffee at 1624 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri


Mural artist Abby Yemm is to credit for this bright piece behind Messenger Coffee. I mean, how can you not smile upon finding this wall? We think that would be impossible. 

While you're there: bring a new book or project to work on, and be sure to treat yourself to a coffee and pastry and/or meal from Messenger & Ibis Bakery. It's one of our contributor's favorite places to post up with a new book

7. The Greater KC Heart | 1733 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri


You can tell that this wall has some history to it— and that makes us love it that much more. Not only is this an awesome wall, but how often do you see the words "Middle West"? Find this heart of America mural in the heart of the Crossroads. 

While you're there: if you're not into maps, maybe you're into local distilleries? If so, you're in luck: Tom's Town is just a few steps up the block, and you can get the info here. Be sure to walk up the steps to the KC Loves mural (shown below) as well, because we can't possibly show how much we love this city enough. 

8. Neon Clouds | 4470 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, Kansas


Between the neon clouds and larger-than-life birds, this wall has a lot going on— but in the best way possible. You should note that there's a freshly painted wall the color of the teal clouds right next to this mural, because life is all about balance. 

While you're there: if you're not the tattoo type, you're in luck because you're only a short drive away from 39th Street, where good food and fun times rule. You can find our neighborhood guide here!

9. Twenty One | 19 Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri


Midtown has a lot of fun and quirky walls, and this is just one that we have our eyes on right now. I mean, with these colors, how could you not?

While you're there: Right up the street is one of Kansas City's best new, casual stops for lunch: The Russell. You'll find the Made in KC team here frequently— and better yet, check out our review on the restaurant here

10. KC Loves | 1720 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri


At this point, the KC Loves mural has become a Kansas City staple, and it belongs on every Kansas City wall and mural list. At the top of the Barkley parking garage, it may seem a little bit daunting to get to, but I recommend parking your car on Main St. and finding the stairwell that's connected to the parking garage. Keep walking, and you'll stumble upon the gigantic mural. I would further recommend making the trip up to this mural on a weekend to better your odds that there won't be a car parked in the lot. 

While you're there: as central as this wall is in the Crossroads, you'd be silly to not enjoy your time leisurely exploring the neighborhood, and perhaps finding walls we haven't seen yet! And hey: you can always visit the Made in KC team just a few blocks over on 18th Street! 

Thanks for following along on the third installation of Kansas City's Most Insta-worthy walls! As always, an updated map of all of the walls is below. Happy exploring!